Friday, 20 July 2012

Mobile app development - Steer Clear of Common Traps

Mobile app development is a niche that has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the years, as more and more developers plunge into this field to make the most of this development program. As there’s a rapid shift in consumer behavior and technological trends, developers are pushed to the core to bring out novel applications that promise a lot and deliver on all fronts.

In the course of the mobile application development program, the enthusiastic developer has to put several things in place to introduce applications that become a smashing hit in the market. Moreover, the aspiring developer can succumb to costly mistakes and fail to live his dream of creating groundbreaking applications, during this process of developing mobile apps. In short, a developer should take note of the common traps that come along the way of development process, and take measures to steer clear of the traps that can derail the project.


Needless to say, the developed application deserves a splendid launch, which depends primarily on the operating system that is going to don the role of the application’s host. Deciding on the right operating system can be a trap, as a developer ought to consider the target audience before coming up with the right solution. By considering the audience for whom the app gets built, developers can take a firm decision on the ideal operating system for the application and make a real hit out of the mobile app development program.

Try something different

In order to get away from the traps, an aspiring developer can try something different in the first place. An enthusiast can build a mobile site in the beginning rather than building the app in the first place. By getting started with the mobile site, the developer can learn more about the vital features that impact this development process. The enthusiast is ideally placed to know more about the design, user experience and functionality pertaining to the app before getting started with the program.

Determine category

While the app is built for specific customers, it is deemed ideal to provide focal attention on a couple of important aspects that take the form of consumer discovery and marketing. In effect, the developer should determine the category to which the app belongs to reach customers at a faster rate.

The extra feature

Features can either enhance the value of the app or can produce a negative impact on the app. Developers should never fall a prey to assumptions, and diligent care should be exercised to build the sort of features that add value for end users.

Perfect design

Deciding on the app’s design is one of the significant features that attracts the attention of the developer. Without refining the design of the application, it is pointless to get started with the development program.

The aspiring developer who is keen to make the most of the mobile app development program ought to take extreme care to steer clear of the traps that might derail the project.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Mobile app development – Convert challenges into golden opportunities

The aspiring developer who is a part of the mobile app development team has to meet challenges head on to come out with effective applications. There are plenty of opportunities offered by this development niche, where a developer can tap the potentials of smart phones and tablets to develop robust apps that earn the nod of approval from end users. But, a developer is also pelted by some development queries, which deserve proper answers before the enthusiast gets initiated with the mobile application development program.

Some of the queries that taunt the aspiring developer include the type of mobile devices that ought to be targeted, surefire ways that need to be adopted to bring out effective apps, and ways adapted to secure data that gets downloaded and uploaded. In effect, the aspiring developer has to follow tested procedures to convert challenges into opportunities and to introduce novel apps in the process. What are the ideal procedures that ought to be followed by a developer involved in mobile app development program?

Get the most out of testing and development efforts

The enthusiastic developer who is keen to bring out robust applications should take efforts to derive maximum output from the testing and development efforts. In order to get optimum results, the developer ought to identify the platform that needs to be targeted and decide upon the type of deployment that ought to be established through the development program.

Use consistent development practices

Though the platforms to develop robust apps vary, the developer involved in this development program ought to make good use of reliable and consistent development practices to register good results. This is performed to achieve consistent feel and look of the application and to make better use of the code components.

Engage in team work

The development team should collaborate extensively to introduce testing, coding, graphical design, as well as user experience skills as a part of the development efforts to achieve good results. This is done to develop apps that are built to fulfill the needs of end users.

Build ideal distribution mechanisms

The aspiring developer should also expend efforts to build ideal distribution mechanisms, which encompass procedures concerning creation of capabilities for integrated device management and initial downloads pertaining to the developed application.

Make best use of emerging technologies

As mobile technology is taking rapid strides with each passing day, the enthusiastic developer should track emerging technologies and discover ways to bring out apps that work efficiently. By tracking emerging technologies, the developer stands a better chance to introduce apps that carry alluring appeal amid the target audience.

By adopting effective steps, the developer involved in mobile app development program can create opportunities out of challenges and bring out effective apps in the process.