Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mobile web development - Are there ways to enhance usability

Mobile web browsing has become a smashing hit amid mobile-savvy customers. Enterprises are taking measures to build robust mobile sites through successful mobile web development programs. The development team involved in mobile web development program should embrace effective measures to enhance usability amid end users. What are the effective measures that need to be adopted to ensure success of mobile website development programs?

Screen resolution

Initially, while designing for mobile web gets underway, the development team ought to consider screen resolutions in the first place. Several design considerations lure the attention of the team, as that of screen sizes, resolutions as well as the shapes. By gleaning details on specifications pertaining to mobile devices, and by relying on best judgment, the development team can arrive at a common consensus to decide on screen resolution for a specific mobile website development project.

Web pages

Another significant aspect that needs to be considered is the way web pages are likely to be presented. It is deemed ideal to initiate breakup of web pages into that of small portions. Readers are put away by lengthy text sections, which make it hard for readers to pore over the content. Getting rid of lengthy text sections is essential to enhance usability, where web pages can be broken down into small portions making it easy for readers to pore over the content.


More importantly, the mobile web development program should promote simple web design, for simplicity enhances usability. The development team should go all out to develop a simple design, allowing users to get around the site easily and effectively. Another point to be pondered is about the balance that needs to be maintained between that of content and navigation.


Yet another aspect that can impact the usability factor is the placement pertaining to navigation. In essence, the development team ought to gather details about the target audience to know what they would be looking for and how they would want to navigate and glean details from the mobile site. By taking note of different options concerning navigation placements, the development team can embrace the right mode that makes navigation easy for the target audience.

User text

Most importantly, it is better to avoid user texts, as it becomes difficult to include text as a part of mobile versions. The development team can opt for lists or radio buttons, among other options, to enhance usability.

By offering focal attention on several important aspects, the development team can enhance usability through successful mobile web development programs.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Secrets uncovered to make a mark in mobile app development world

Whether it is the gaming app or the productivity app, a firm engaged in mobile app development should devote its focal attention on user preferences to win the confidence of the target audience. Mobile apps that are built on a good concept, that carry a good design and that unveil easy-to-use interface are well equipped to find the users’ nod of approval.

While a development firm is eager to uncover the secrets to make a mark in the mobile app development world, it has to take note of important features that can tip the scale in favor of the company involved in this program.

Mobile first attitude

There’s no denying the fact that development firms that wear mobile first attitude have taken rapid strides to register good growth in their mobile application development programs. With this mobile first attitude, the development company should roll out measures to bring out composite apps that are built from composite architecture.

User perspective into design

Needless to say, an app development company goes all out to build robust apps only to lure the attention of the target audience. In such a scenario, a development firm should ensure that users become a significant component of the design phase, where users’ needs and preferences come into play during the design process.

User base

The development firm that offers its focal attention on building groundbreaking apps should also devote its focus on improving its customer base. Establishments that have built a solid customer base have made easy inroads into the hearts and minds of customers, where a development firm ought to take steps to strengthen its user base in the first place. By developing a community, the firm stands a better chance to reap rewards out of the applications that it builds time and time again.


To rise above the din and bustle of the mobile application development world, the development firm ought to come up with the right strategy to promote the developed apps. While the firm takes efforts to cater to a wider audience base, it is deemed better to allow free usage of developed apps. The development company has to adopt the right strategy to hook the attention of target audience, which really pays off in the longer run.

Feedback loop

The app development process can consume extended periods, pushing developers to create the customer feedback loop as early as possible. This is done to ensure that the development team is traveling the right path to introduce apps that meet the exacting needs of the target audience and to make necessary changes during the development program.

Learning the secrets to make a big hit out of the mobile app development programs is the first best step to make a mark in this niche.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mobile app development and the entry into app store

The ardent developer involved in mobile app development programs is pelted with innumerable queries that deserve right answers. While the developer is always looking for the spark of an idea to make a dashing entry into the app store, he has to weigh his options before making attempts to introduce applications. Mobile application development has a lot in store, where an enthusiastic developer ought to channel his energy and time in the right way to make the most of this program.

The striking options that are hard to resist and that hold the developer’s attention include HTML5, cross-platform solution and native apps. Build promising mobile app development programs by nailing down the right technology.


HTML is the most sought option in the present scenario, and getting started with integrated development environment has never been so easy. With HTML5, the developer is on his way to unveil an Android, iOS or a Windows Phone project, make use of a webkit window and come up trumps with robust apps. With this option, the developer can churn out apps that function on all browser operating systems and bring out apps that capture enough eyeballs.

But, there are negative elements that cloud mobile application development programs built on HTML5. This is not the most glorifying option when it comes to providing access to most of the modern device features that attract customers’ attention. Another problem that has to be surmounted is the feel and look where this option fails to offer native experience in animation. For someone who plans to build a simple app, HTML5 seems to provide the right path to build such applications.

Cross-platform solution

Aspiring more to bring out eyeball-capturing apps, the developer is presented with a better option that promises good results. The developer can turn his attention to cross-platform compiled frameworks, which unveils a young field that has not been explored by many. With the right choice concerning frameworks, the enthusiast is up and about to gain entry into app stores.

On the downside, such platforms tend to support a couple of devices and are not well-equipped to offer complete support to many devices. But, developers trying to get to grips with the niche can gain ample experience by building apps through cross-platform solution.

Native apps

The developer is also presented with uncut native development option that bridges the gap between developer’s imaginations and different devices’ capabilities. By going in for this option, the developer can bring out apps that work on one platform. For providing support to another platform, the developer is pushed to start right from the scratch when this option is put to use to build apps. Native development option sets up a springboard for developers aiming to build apps with data processing needs or high-performance graphics.

By selecting the right option, developers can introduce robust apps out of mobile app development programs and gain entry into app stores.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Will mobile website prop up your marketing efforts?

In this competitive marketplace, establishments explore avenues to find a way to outwit competition. More importantly, organizations are always on the lookout to find a solid platform to extend their reach and bring more customers under their fold. Mobile websites arising out of successful mobile website development programs are held as able allies to prop up marketing efforts and gain customer attention in the process. Will mobile sites built out of mobile website development programs provide thrust to your marketing campaigns?

Instant availability

While an establishment is all set to roll out marketing programs, it has to pick and choose channels that allow the company to get closer to the target audience. In this scenario where a company is gearing up to introduce marketing programs, a mobile website provides the much sought platform to launch such campaigns and lure customers’ attention. Most importantly, this site can get accessed instantly through browsers across varied devices including Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

Compatible across devices

By building a robust mobile site, an establishment is taking hold of a channel to widen its reach. In essence, the mobile site is compatible with different devices and works across the different device platforms, allowing the company to romp in more customers in the process. This extended reach afforded by the mobile site works in favor of the company that wants to roll out robust marketing campaigns.

Easy upgrades

One of the significant features of this site is the dynamic nature of the site, which paves way for easy update of content. With this flexibility afforded by the site, an establishment can upgrade easily or other promotional materials and increase the chances to attract customers’ attention.

Easily found

An establishment that wants to make the most of its online presence and extract benefits out of marketing campaigns can achieve desired results through the mobile site. With the sites recognized by industry-specific directories and other sources, finding such sites becomes easy for the visitors. This is a significant feature that enhances the value of mobile sites, and that allows establishments to gain good mileage out of marketing campaigns.

Easily shared

There are other significant elements that enhance the power of mobile sites, where such sites can be shared easily between users. By using the mobile site’s URL, a user can share this site through a simple link and through other social platforms, with other users. The site sets up a solid platform for an establishment to reach customers and gain their attention in the bargain.

Mobile sites resulting from mobile website development programs are built to provide an extended reach, allowing an organization to reap rewards out of marketing programs.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Is mobile app development slated for further growth?

More than anything, mobile apps are now looked upon as a robust tool that can make a big difference to a business. This business-differentiation tool is put to diligent use to strengthen brand value, improve customer engagement and offer better customer service. As companies have realized the great potentials of mobile applications, enhancing performance through mobile apps has become a top priority for companies that want to bring more customers under their fold.

In their quest to build and extract mileage out of such apps, establishments turn their attention towards sources that roll out mobile app development programs and that introduce robust apps time and time again. In the recent past, there has been a steady rise in the demand for apps, where development companies have capitalized on this demand and introduced result-driven apps. With more improvements on the horizon, mobile app development is slated for further growth, as three important elements are set to trigger the growth of this program.

Adoption in early phases

Though mobile apps have made deep inroads and attracted the attention of organizations, utilizing mobile application platform to improve customer engagement hasn’t reached a saturated level. As companies have realized the significance of mobile apps and their potential to enhance customer engagement, there is demand for such applications. As the adoption is in its early phases, there’s great potential for companies to roll out development programs, introduce apps and attract the attention of organizations that want to enhance customer engagement.

Mobile budget priorities

With mobile apps promising a lot and delivering on all fronts, companies are keen to build robust apps to drive customer engagement and enhance brand appeal in the process. Most importantly, establishments that have just started allocating mobile budgets for multiplatform development are planning to increase their budgets to gain mileage out of such development. When mobile budgets of companies go up, there is a wealth of possibilities for mobile application development companies to introduce robust apps and cater to the growing demands of such companies.

Mobile first mindset

There are several reasons that have ignited the popularity of mobile apps, where organizations’ plan to tap into the potentials of mobile devices has fueled the popularity of such applications. As organizations look for ways and means to lure customer attention and enhance customer engagement, mobile apps set up an ideal platform for such companies to get closer to the target audience. In such a scenario, companies have turned their complete attention towards mobile apps, and the mobile first mindset adopted by organizations promises more opportunities for app development companies.

Mobile application development is slated for further growth, with three important elements igniting the growth of this development program.

Resource: mobile website development

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mobile web development – Some common problems

The significance of mobile sites is not lost upon organizations that want to get closer to the target audience. In a battle of products, promotions and strategies, companies tend to make use of mobile sites to spring a surprise on the target audience. With the increasing popularity of such sites, aspiring developers are called into action to bring out novel sites through effective mobile web development programs.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye and the development team romped in to provide the ideal solution has to overcome stiff challenges to build ideal mobile sites. While an enthusiastic developer is keen to build robust sites, there are some common problems that dot this niche and that make it difficult for the developer to create robust sites that work effectively on all platforms. What are the common problems that pervade this niche?

Failure to wear ‘all-platform’ outlook

Though the talk of developing mobile web site that functions on all devices pervades the mobile website development world, building mobile sites to reach out to all platforms is still not prevalent amid the developer community. By providing focal attention on the most popular platforms, developers fail to understand the significance of other devices and the need to build sites that prove to be a perfect fit for all platforms.

Influenced by marketing buzz

More often than not, development companies fall a prey to the marketing buzz that trumpets the significance of a couple of popular platforms. The dearth of reliable data that can guide a company to make result-driven decisions is yet another reason that results in development programs that target the most popular platforms. Teams involved in mobile website development programs should come out of this jinx, and develop sites that work well across several platforms.

Lack of mobile devices

Needless to say, enthusiastic developers launch into aggressive testing related to mobile devices to develop mobile sites that capture the attention of target audience. But, an average developer finds it hard to lay his hands on a variety of devices and delve deep into the mobile browser market. In finding it hard to go on an investment drive to know more about mobile devices, developers tend to dig into the popular platforms and build sites to cater to these popular platforms.

Before venturing to develop robust mobile sites, an aspiring developer ought to take note of some of the common problems that pervade this niche to roll out suitable measures and conquer such problems in a productive manner.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Android app development – Confusing Queries that Deserve Attention

Android has emerged as a popular operating system for tablets and smartphones. In the recent past, Android app development has picked up steam, and the very many Android apps that have been churned out during this period speak volumes about the popularity of this platform. Above all, Android has that magnetic power to lure that attention of aspiring developers who set out on a long journey to develop robust applications.

There are several strong points of this platform that work in favor of the enthusiastic developer. By taking note of the unique features of Android, developers can bring out apps that become the talk of the town. In the same breath, there are some confusing queries concerning Android application development that deserve proper answers. It is deemed ideal to find answers to these queries before setting out to gain good mileage out of this platform. Here are some perplexing queries that deserve your undivided attention.

What mix?

Android platform has earned an enviable reputation amid developers owing to its ability to bring out updates at regular intervals. In such a scenario, the developer involved in the Android app development program can make use of the opportunity to develop applications that suit different target versions belonging to this platform. Moreover, there is also the possibility of using third party APIs among other options, and an enthusiastic developer should identify the right mix before taking a plunge.

What devices?

Another critical component of the development program is the type of devices for which the Android app gets developed. As there is every possibility for new Android devices to hit the market, and as end users tend to opt for tablets as well as cell phones, this is a query that begs a proper answer. The type of device for which the app gets built ought to be decided even before the development program gets initiated.

What distribution channels?

Though an aspiring developer can extract the potentials of Google Android Market application to market the developed app in a diligent manner, there are other distribution channels that need to be considered to extend the reach of the developed application. The right mix pertaining to distribution channels deserves proper answer before a developer gets started with this development program.

What business model?

Most importantly, the business plan on which the app gets built produces a great impact on the reach pertaining to the application. In essence, the query regarding the business model has to be answered well before steps are being taken to develop a robust Android app.

Prior to getting initiated with the Android app development program, an enthusiastic developer should provide answers to confusing queries to get started in the right way.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mobile Consumer behaviour - Infographics

Have a look at the info-graphic which reveal a visual summary about how smartphones have become the vital part of every moment of user's daily lives. This was actually a study with Google and Ipsos OTX Media CT powers this info-graphic to reveal how the device has transformed consumer behavior.

Here is the link to download the original info-graphic: Understanding Mobile Consumer Behavior

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Mobile website development – The prevailing parameters

Mobile devices have gobbled up a fair share of market space belonging to the desktop, and the range of devices that get introduced increases with each passing day. Mobile web development has evolved into one of the most significant programs that attract developers and designers, and has even witnessed great changes that have dominated this niche.

As we have travelled far from tiny screens to elegant multi-touch, we have witnessed many developments in this niche. Moreover, mobile website development still shows signs of improvement, which are evident through the prevailing parameters pertaining to this niche. The prevailing parameters that tend to trigger exponential shifts have taken several forms, and observers believe that this trend could push mobile web development to register further advancements. What are the prevailing parameters that tend to produce a resounding impact on this niche?

Development skills

The need to get equipped with relevant mobile website development skills is one of the significant parameters that dot this niche. It is becoming increasingly important to know more about the mobile space, where differences between mobile devices ought to be observed to make a smashing hit out of this development program. Developers are driven to glean vital information about the operating systems, browsers, versions, screen densities, screen sizes and other such relevant details to register success in this development program.

Development tools

Another significant parameter that is ruling the roost is the development tools that make a big difference to this development program. Emulators and stimulators get recognized as important tools, where enthusiasts ought to take note of tools that get utilized for debugging and deploying apps to that of real devices to achieve fruitful results. As there is a need to measure performance as well as test features related to hardware, as that of GPS accuracy, accelerometer, touch and color palettes, devices become important components.

Better value

As competition rules this space, developers take all efforts to embrace cost-effective programs that provide cost advantage for end users. But, instead of cutting corners to bring down prices, developers ought to bring out results that offer great value for end users. This is one of the parameters that is producing a shift towards results that offer more value, instead of results that are built to afford price advantages.

Attention beyond aesthetics

Though visual design is a significant component that attracts the attention of developers, there are other parameters that demand the attention of enthusiasts. Components like style, behavior and content ought to be considered to achieve fruitful results.

In the mobile web development space, prevailing parameters that take several forms tend to produce a great impact on the outcome of this program.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Mobile app development - Steer Clear of Common Traps

Mobile app development is a niche that has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the years, as more and more developers plunge into this field to make the most of this development program. As there’s a rapid shift in consumer behavior and technological trends, developers are pushed to the core to bring out novel applications that promise a lot and deliver on all fronts.

In the course of the mobile application development program, the enthusiastic developer has to put several things in place to introduce applications that become a smashing hit in the market. Moreover, the aspiring developer can succumb to costly mistakes and fail to live his dream of creating groundbreaking applications, during this process of developing mobile apps. In short, a developer should take note of the common traps that come along the way of development process, and take measures to steer clear of the traps that can derail the project.


Needless to say, the developed application deserves a splendid launch, which depends primarily on the operating system that is going to don the role of the application’s host. Deciding on the right operating system can be a trap, as a developer ought to consider the target audience before coming up with the right solution. By considering the audience for whom the app gets built, developers can take a firm decision on the ideal operating system for the application and make a real hit out of the mobile app development program.

Try something different

In order to get away from the traps, an aspiring developer can try something different in the first place. An enthusiast can build a mobile site in the beginning rather than building the app in the first place. By getting started with the mobile site, the developer can learn more about the vital features that impact this development process. The enthusiast is ideally placed to know more about the design, user experience and functionality pertaining to the app before getting started with the program.

Determine category

While the app is built for specific customers, it is deemed ideal to provide focal attention on a couple of important aspects that take the form of consumer discovery and marketing. In effect, the developer should determine the category to which the app belongs to reach customers at a faster rate.

The extra feature

Features can either enhance the value of the app or can produce a negative impact on the app. Developers should never fall a prey to assumptions, and diligent care should be exercised to build the sort of features that add value for end users.

Perfect design

Deciding on the app’s design is one of the significant features that attracts the attention of the developer. Without refining the design of the application, it is pointless to get started with the development program.

The aspiring developer who is keen to make the most of the mobile app development program ought to take extreme care to steer clear of the traps that might derail the project.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Mobile app development – Convert challenges into golden opportunities

The aspiring developer who is a part of the mobile app development team has to meet challenges head on to come out with effective applications. There are plenty of opportunities offered by this development niche, where a developer can tap the potentials of smart phones and tablets to develop robust apps that earn the nod of approval from end users. But, a developer is also pelted by some development queries, which deserve proper answers before the enthusiast gets initiated with the mobile application development program.

Some of the queries that taunt the aspiring developer include the type of mobile devices that ought to be targeted, surefire ways that need to be adopted to bring out effective apps, and ways adapted to secure data that gets downloaded and uploaded. In effect, the aspiring developer has to follow tested procedures to convert challenges into opportunities and to introduce novel apps in the process. What are the ideal procedures that ought to be followed by a developer involved in mobile app development program?

Get the most out of testing and development efforts

The enthusiastic developer who is keen to bring out robust applications should take efforts to derive maximum output from the testing and development efforts. In order to get optimum results, the developer ought to identify the platform that needs to be targeted and decide upon the type of deployment that ought to be established through the development program.

Use consistent development practices

Though the platforms to develop robust apps vary, the developer involved in this development program ought to make good use of reliable and consistent development practices to register good results. This is performed to achieve consistent feel and look of the application and to make better use of the code components.

Engage in team work

The development team should collaborate extensively to introduce testing, coding, graphical design, as well as user experience skills as a part of the development efforts to achieve good results. This is done to develop apps that are built to fulfill the needs of end users.

Build ideal distribution mechanisms

The aspiring developer should also expend efforts to build ideal distribution mechanisms, which encompass procedures concerning creation of capabilities for integrated device management and initial downloads pertaining to the developed application.

Make best use of emerging technologies

As mobile technology is taking rapid strides with each passing day, the enthusiastic developer should track emerging technologies and discover ways to bring out apps that work efficiently. By tracking emerging technologies, the developer stands a better chance to introduce apps that carry alluring appeal amid the target audience.

By adopting effective steps, the developer involved in mobile app development program can create opportunities out of challenges and bring out effective apps in the process.

Friday, 9 March 2012

What makes banking software companies an able ally for financial institutions

As there has been a steady rise in technological advancements in the recent past, financial institutions plan to make better use of technological advancements to serve customers in a better way. Banks have also introduced mobile banking services, which help customers to perform their bank related tasks with ease. In an effort to build ideal mobile banking solutions, banks have started hiring the services of banking software companies that have the experience to offer suitable solutions to banks. What are the alluring features of such companies that convert the establishments into an able ally for financial institutions?


Banking software companies offer mobile banking solutions for various sectors, and meet specific demands of banks. Whether it is the need to strengthen retail banking operations or the need to build corporate banking operations, the software companies raise to the occasion to offer suitable solutions. When banks strive to offer mobile banking services for different sectors, experienced companies bring out software products that suit the varied needs of financial institutions. Companies the offer suitable tools to financial institutions possess the experience to offer solutions that cover various sectors of banking operations.


The company that is adept at building mobile banking software is an establishment that offers diversified solutions to banks. There are solutions that aid financial institutions to offer mobile banking services for core banking operations, as there are solutions that are built to enhance the front office support pertaining to such institutions. When banks need solutions to automate data management procedures, reputed software companies offer solutions to meet this specific need of such institutions. There is no dearth of mobile banking solutions offered by the reputed company that builds software for financial institutions.


Apart from building effective tools to enhance banking operations, software companies that offer banking products are companies that offer unparalleled services to institutions. Whether there is a need to migrate to a new system or a need to implement a novel system, reputed companies make sure that the system gets implemented in a proper fashion. Most importantly, the reputed software establishments go to great lengths to ensure that banks get benefited from this new system.


The company that offers various banking solutions never fails to offer good support in the process. Good support from establishments comes through the form of varied services offered by such establishments. Services to institutions take the form of onsite support, data customization, and help desk services, among other services that work in favor of such institutions.


Most importantly, reputed companies devote valuable time to train professionals to handle the software built by them. Apart from paving the way for a smooth installation process, recognized establishments make sure that professionals responsible for handling this software are well equipped to perform all the tasks with ease.

By offering different solutions, and by offering incomparable services, banking software companies get converted into an able ally for financial institutions.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Elements for Android App Development

We all know android platform is becoming very popular platform and having more number of audience for android platform. So while developing the android applications, android developers needs to be very careful and have to consider several elements before creating a useful application. The given below are some important points should be consider by the developer while android app development.

Useful application

The application developed by the developer, it should be very useful, informative and unique service. So that user can pick and use it very often. Developer should develop the application with unique feature and should be very useful to the end user.

Longer usage

A good Application is used by the users more times and using it for longer usage or re-use it at a regular intervals. Developers should focus and consider to develop the application which should attract the user useful fr longer usage.

Positive user experience

Application should be very useful for end users and looks to give positive user experience. The development team that is involved in creating alluring applications ought to take note of this fact, and ensure that a well-designed Android app is created to offer rich user experience as well as engagement.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Android has become one of the leading mobile platform and if we look into the survey, android is the most used mobile platform. It attracts the users and Though end users can take their pick from among a variety of apps, it is the robust app that attracts the immediate attention of the target audience.

As the result, enthusiastic developers involved in Android app development program ought to consider several elements before creating a useful application. Here are some queries that need to be answered to ensure that a development team builds an effective app in the bargain.

What is a useful app?

In the first place, the Android app development team that aspires to bring out an effective application should strive to build a useful application for a client. An app that is built just to advertise a product doesn’t earn recognition amid users, as an application should offer unique information or service to capture the attention of the target audience. In simple terms, the end user would pick a tool that is useful to him, and aspiring developers ought to keep this mind when they take steps to create Android apps for end users.

What is the application built for?

Needless to say, the dire need for an application impacts the success of an app, and the development team ought to weigh this feature before venturing to develop effective Android applications. When the app is built for a brand that boasts of products with longer life cycle or for a fashion company, the application brings immense benefits for both the user and the company. The reason for which an application is built can produce a telling impact on the success of an application.

Does it create positive user experience?

End users look for an app that is easy to use and that paves the way for a positive user experience. The development team that is involved in creating alluring applications ought to take note of this fact, and ensure that a well-designed Android app is created to offer rich user experience as well as engagement.

While the development team is involved in Android app development project, it should take note of important aspects to build effective apps in the process.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BlackBerry CRM from ZSL

To be successful in today’s competitive market place, enterprises must seamlessly improve interaction and extend information beyond the walls of their organization. ZSL’s end-to-end enterprise mobile solutions makes it real time possible giving business managers significant advantage of remote and instant access to information from anywhere, anytime. Our Mobile CRM solution for BlackBerry delivers a rich user experience and drives overall usage of your CRM system by enabling remote access for your sales, service and management teams.

ZSL’s CRM Mobile solutions helps the business users using CRM application to increase sales and service effectiveness at every stage of the sales cycle, say, from leads and opportunities management to fulfilment and invoicing via their BlackBerry phone. It provides your sales force with access to powerful and required information making activity management less agonizing process and more serene, while enabling business managers to view critical data and for perusal to resolve issues immediately even on move before back to work desk.

The CRM custom business applications are developed in MS.NET using web services, powered by SOAP and WSDL, compatible with BlackBerry mobile client, where the business process interaction are done by XML Web Services.

ZSL’s BlackBerry CRM solution keeps the enterprise sales personnel connected online to lead data and sales information via handy BlackBerry mobile device thus ruling out the business stalemate due to any information lack.

About ZSL

ZSL Inc, is a global technology integrator and solution provider based in Edison, NJ with more than 2000 employees worldwide focused in developing and delivering enterprise IT solutions and services using the emerging technology platforms to keep the TCO low and ROI high. ZSL is a pioneer in business and technology solutions, innovations, has expertise in providing Onshore, Offshore & Near shore technology solutions and services to the enterprises worldwide.

The Andriod Story


Infographic by Android Developers at [x]cubelabs

For android app development

Monday, 6 February 2012

Android application development - Some Truths

Android app development provides an opportunity to make their own APIs and applications. Here, developers should have to take note of some truths about android application development. They are as follows,


Android is a unique platform, it can be carried out on many devices. Here Java is used for this platform. Though Android is unique in getting staged over multiple hardware platforms, conflict can crop up over the limitations and specifications of some of the platforms that interfere with that of the functions related to this form mobile app development applications.

Different Resolutions and Sizes

The popular android phones come with their own screen resolutions and sizes. So the developer should be cautious about the resolutions and sizes. Developer should develop applications as well as games to all popular android screens.

No Account needed

Android is unlike into other platforms, while launching the android app development, it doesn’t need a special account and no membership. If you are interested in android app development, you can develop your own application and release it. Here, no need to approve it by others.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

How Blackberry CRM app offers valuable contribution

Organizations strive to offer exemplary services to gain confidence of customers and to establish good relationships with esteemed clients. Without a grain of doubt, customer relationship management is one of the significant components that deserve complete attention, and that can impact the success of an organization. By making use of the Blackberry CRM software, establishments are well placed to make use of this tool and win the confidence of customers. In what way does this tool contribute to the success of an establishment?

Successful sales efforts

Sales executives in an organization can make diligent use of this app to accomplish fruitful results. This CRM software built for Blackberry allow sales professionals to analyze customer histories, and to gather details regarding the response exhibited by customers for specific campaigns, among the other valuable details to know about a customer before a sales meeting. With this vital information, sales personnel are well placed to expend effective sales efforts, and to minimize client rejection in the process.

Quick problem solving

Customers tend to lose confidence in an organization that fails to exhibit quick-fire response to problems regarding services or products. By taking measures to solve problems that taunt customers, an establishment is sure to enhance customer satisfaction on the whole. The Blackberry CRM application helps the service and field staff to act immediately, made possible by real-time details offered by the application, and to resolve problems of customers without delay.

Informed interactions

Customers interact with companies through various channels, where the customer interacts with the service center, contact center, and with the sales and marketing department on various issues. With the aid of the tool developed for Blackberry, sales and service staff can gather details regarding the communication established by a customer, and be prepared to institute informed interactions with customers from thereon.

Do more with less

Since this effective tool establishes links between various organizations, service and field personnel glean relevant details about customers even when they are on the move. Moreover, timely responses and decisions are made with the help of this app, which in turn improves productivity of an establishment.

Undivided focus
When this app for Blackberry is put in place, the various teams in an organization know that it is important to provide as well as gather relevant customer information to produce a good team effort. In short, this tool aids the sales and service staff to offer their undivided focus on customer requirements and to offer timely services to win the trust of esteemed clients.

Save crucial time

Most importantly, this software that is built for Blackberry saves crucial time, as the service and field staff are better placed to take timely decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

While the Blackberry CRM software gets implemented by an establishment, it allows an organization to provide timely services, establish good rapport with customers, and to win customer confidence in the bargain.

Resource: Android App Development

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lenovo tablets will get Android 4.0 version

Here is a happy news for Lenovo users. Yes, Lenovo tabs will directly update its tablets to Android 4.0 platform from May in India. Lenono is a Taiwanese based PC maker who told that it will begin to rollout of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for its IdeaPad and Thinkpad tablets in the month of May in India.

Lenovo sells 3 tablets in India, namely ThinkPad, IdeaPad K1 and IdeaPad A1, which runs Android 2.3.x. But they not clearly mentioned which tab will get updated. 

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Significant elements of Android app development

As the popularity of mobile app development is increasing steadily, more companies have started to bring out mobile applications that are built to meet different needs of end users. Among the various platforms, Android app development process has lured the attention of developers, and a combination of factors have worked in favor of this development process, and have created an alluring appeal amid the developers. There are five significant elements that have become instrumental in increasing the popularity of Android app development projects.

User interface

The most important aspect that has converted Android apps into popular ones is the user interface built through this application process. In case of Android applications, creating the user interface that finds the nod of approval from the end users is made easy and effective. In essence, Android provides a perfect platform to create good user interface that enjoys good popularity amid end users.


When a company that boasts of experienced developers is involved in mobile app development projects, it would like to test the developed apps before it introduces the application in the market place. When Android apps get developed by a company, it can make use of best device to test the applications. In effect, when Android apps get developed, developers can make good use of built in Emulator belonging to Android SDK to test the developed app.

Market place

Android market is yet another significant aspect that has increased the popularity of Android platform, where developers are eager to get engaged in Android app development projects. This market place allows developers to distribute the developed applications to users across the world. By way of easy registration process, a developer can make an entry into the Android market and find users who posses Android-powered devices.


By providing an open environment, Android has remained to be one of the popular platforms to create robust applications. The ardent developers find an able ally in the form of Android platform, as they have a good opportunity to offer development services and to bring out novel applications that provide solutions to the varied needs of end users. Most importantly, this development platform provides a golden opportunity for developers to offer good services to create apps that can bring real value to mobile phone users.

As people have started to make good use of mobile phones, mobile applications have become all the rage as of today. Most importantly, Android app development process has earned good reputation amid developers, made possible by four significant elements that have worked in favor of Android platform.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Four challenges to overcome during mobile website development

Mobile phones have become a robust tool to browse the internet and to gain information at quick pace. With this splendid opportunity created by mobile phones, companies are trying to build effective mobile sites by way of mobile website development to lure the attention of end users. The developer or the company involved in this website development program has to overcome some obstacles that can hinder the program. What are the challenges that need to be overcome during this development program?

Small screen size

The enthusiastic developer who participates in the development program that intends to build effective mobile websites faces problems owing to the small screen size. To overcome this problem created by the small screen size, and to make sure that the developed site fits well into that of the mobile phone display, the layout has to be uncomplicated. The developer should provide his focal attention to develop a mobile site that comes with an uncluttered look, and should make sure to make diligent use of pixels and width when the site gets built.

Easy navigation

When it comes to mobile website development program, it differs from the program intended to build normal websites, where navigation menu may not be a wise inclusion in case of mobile websites. In essence, the developer who is involved in this program to develop mobile sites should ensure that the site that is built offers easy navigation for mobile phone users. When navigation is made easy, the mobile site becomes a smashing hit amid end users.

Good speed

Another significant aspect that could produce a negative impact on a mobile site comes through the form of speed with which the site functions. The developer involved in this process of developing sites for Smartphone should ensure that the mobile site functions with good speed, where the developer should cut down all the features that can reduce the speed of the site. Moreover, the site developed for Smartphone should take the visitor to the normal site when information is not readily available at the mobile site, and when certain information is available only in the normal website pertaining to an organization.

Perfect for devices

Most importantly, the developer who is involved in this development process should build sites that suit specific devices. This could cause problems, where the developed sites cannot function efficiently on all types of mobile devices. With mobile devices getting introduced with each passing day, the developer should make sure that the website is built for specific mobile phones.

The company that is involved in the mobile website development program should adopt effective strategies to overcome the obstacles and establish good results out of this program.

Top iPhone & iPad Applications 2012

Get awesome and top iPad and iPhone applications from the given links.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Trends that impact Android application development

With Android providing a solid platform to build applications, developers are putting this platform to good use to create robust applications that cater to different needs of customers. As of now, Android app development is influenced by growing trends that have attracted the attention of developers and companies that are involved in this development program. These are the 5 hot trends that produce a great impact on app development programs.

Growing business app needs

Though mobile app development has registered a steady growth in the area of social networking apps and mobile games, the demand for business applications have gone up, which has pushed developers to provide their focal attention on business apps. Android, looked upon as an ideal platform to create business apps, is emerging as a top platform that paves the way for development of business applications.

Localized search

Another feature that has emerged as a hot trend and that has impacted Android app development programs is the growing need to introduce location-based technology as an inherent part of Android apps. Location based apps rule the roost, and location-based content brings wealth of benefits to mobile marketer, mobile advertiser and companies, which have pushed developers to look upon Android as an ideal platform to develop location-based applications.

Cloud computing

Yet another emerging trend that has impacted the mobile app development project takes the form of cloud computing, which has not only become a household name but has also become a solid platform for companies to offer cloud based services. With the growing demand for cloud computing services, developers are keen to make good use of Android to develop cloud-based applications to cater to the demands of clients.

Applications for mobile payments

In the recent past, consumers have started to make diligent use of mobile devices to make payments, which has even outscored other payment modes that include debit cards, credit cards and net banking facilities. With customers looking to make mobile payments, financial institutions have started to offer mobile payment options, and are keen to develop software that would enable this mobile payment procedure. This is a growing trend that has impacted application development projects, and developers never fail to take note of this trend to build apps that cater to this specific demand of financial institutions.

Support for social networks

Establishments have realized the potential of social platforms, and are eager to gain good mileage out of various social platforms. In effect, apps that support a wide range of social networks have attracted the attention of organizations, and the demand for such applications push developers to come out with applications that would offer support for various social networks.

Though mobile app development is growing at a rapid pace, there are 5 hot trends that impact this program, which arrest the attention of developers involved in this program.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

How iPhone CRM applications help to carry business in your pocket?

With fierce competition ruling the roost, companies are looking out for ways and means to increase productivity and to enhance the bottom line in the bargain. By implementing iPhone CRM app as an inherent part of an organization, sales managers are better placed to handle various tasks efficiently and easily. In essence, with the CRM applications, one can manage his team and business efficiently, as one accomplishes the tasks right in time. In short, by providing relevant real-time details, this tool allows sales professionals to carry their business in their pockets.

 What are the tasks?

When sales managers gather details concerning future tasks and appointments with the aid of this application, they are better placed to delegate tasks to team members. Apart from delegating tasks to team members, sales managers can keep track of developments, and create subtasks to make sure that tasks get completed right in time.

What’s in store?

When establishments make diligent use of iPhone CRM apps, sales managers and the team members stay informed about future developments. With the help of this application, a sales manager knows as to what lies in store, and knows about various appointments, tasks, projects and other commitments for the week or for a set period. The application allows professionals to be well prepared to handle future appointments with ease.

What are the projects?

A sales manager and his team are involved in various projects, and the members who participate in the projects also tend to vary. While the iPhone CRM app is put to use, a sales manager is better placed to manage and track several projects. Moreover, with this application, a sales manager can come out with a detailed plan to handle projects, allocate resources for projects, and can track developments of the projects with ease. Most importantly, tasks, notes, appointments and other features related to a project get stored at the same place, where a sales manager can acquire the needed details with ease.

What are the sales opportunities?

The sales team in an organization is always on the move to look out for sales opportunities that can bring in new clients and increase the sales figure of an establishment. While the CRM app for iPhone device is used, members in a sales team are better equipped to track the existing business and to take cue from sales leads to bring in potential customers. With the application providing relevant details even when the sales professionals are on the move, making diligent use of sales opportunities to achieve better results becomes easy and effective.

By providing details at the right time, and that work to the advantage of a sales team, iPhone CRM application helps sales professionals to carry their business in their pocket.